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How Many Dog Beds Should a Dog Have?

how many dog beds should a dog have

How many dog beds should a dog have? Does a dog really need more than one dog bed? 

Getting your pooch more than one dog bed may seem excessive -- spoiled even -- but there are some legitimate cases where an extra dog bed or two could come in handy for dog owners.

Best Friends by Sheri Washing Instructions

best friends by sheri washing instructions for donut dog bed
One of the most convenient features of our calming dog beds, nap mats, and blankets is that they are machine washable. While most of our pet beds have similar washing instructions, there are certain details to take note of. 

Should You Let Your Dog Sleep With You?

should you let your dog sleep with you
Should you let your dog sleep with you? You’re wondering if it’s healthy to snuggle your pup at night. Should pet owners sleep with their dog, or put their pups in their own beds at night?