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Invisible Fences: Everything You Should Know

Invisible Fences: Everything You Should Know

All dogs need their playtime. Giving our fur-babies their time outside to run around is crucial for their health and happiness! Do you work away from home and need to keep your doggie up all day? Then installing a fence is an excellent idea to give them space to run, but which fence is best? There are new products out there, such as invisible fences some pet owners are turning to it, but if you’re new to the fence game, then we’ve got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about invisible fences for your fur-child.

Why do you need a fence?

If you live in a neighborhood then you may have seen that one dog whose owners never seem to keep him contained. He runs freely and this can be a safety concern if a situation were to take place. 

The good thing about owning a fence is that it offers your dog room to run and play while keeping them close by at the same time! If the fence is installed properly, you also do not have to worry about the possibility of them breaking free. 

Most pet parents install a fence around their backyard to give their dogs a place to run and exercise without having to take them to a dog park. This can be a saving grace when your schedule gets out of hand. 

Fences also keep your doggie contained in an area close so you don’t have to worry about them running up to neighbors or other dogs in your neighborhood, or out into the road where they run the possibility of getting hit by a car. 

Overall, owning a pet fence for your doggie poses a lot of positives!

Types of fences out there

When you go shopping for a fence, you will notice that there are different types of pet fences, and you may be wondering which one is best for your doggie. Here are the most popular types of pet fences: 

  • Wooden
  • Chain/Wire
  • Metal
  • Invisible/Underground (Also known as electric fences) 

It is not possible to say which one is best because it all depends on your situation and the type of fence that best suits your home and pup energy.

Wooden and chain link fences are most common and you have probably seen these in your neighborhood from time to time. Underground fences are newer fences that are becoming a popular option for pet owners for multiple reasons.

What are invisible fences like?

You may not have noticed someone has an invisible fence because as the name suggests, you can’t see them like you can the other, traditional fences. 

Invisible fences are also known as electric fences because they use shocking technology to warn the dog when they are getting close to the fence’s line. Invisible fences pose a lot of pros and cons to their uses that you should consider before purchasing one. 

If you are someone who does not want to install a traditional fence for the aesthetic of not having a fence, then you may like invisible fences. These products are installed underground and they can be placed in almost any kind of yard, even one with hills and water. 

Invisible fences also protect your dog from the possibility of digging under or jumping over traditional fences since your dog is not able to see them, and you have flexibility with these fences as well. Traditional fences can be costly to install and when you move, you can’t take traditional fences with you like you can an invisible fence. Going on a camping vacation soon? You might be able to bring your invisible fence with you! 

One of the cons to invisible fences, however, is that they require training on your part to teach your doggie how to stay in the confined area of the fence. Most invisible fence products will come with a collar your doggie wears that partners with the fence so they are shocked when they get too close to the boundaries, but some also contain a “beep” warning before the shock to warn your doggie when they are getting close. 

These fences also do not keep outside animals out of the fence like they keep your doggie in the fence. So if you live in a wooded area, you should be mindful of forest critters. 

You also have to keep in mind the power supply when you use an electric fence since they use power and technology instead of being simply installed.

Finding your fence

Determining which fence is right for your dog and yard is a considerable process. Before deciding on an invisible fence, you should consider the pros and cons of installing one. After all, the health and safety of your fur-child is a must!

Dogs and Cats: How to Make Them Coexist Happily

Dogs and Cats: How to Make Them Coexist Happily

Everyone is familiar with the rivalry of cats and dogs. There was even a movie made about it! Living in a house with cats and dogs and getting to coexist peacefully may seem impossible. There’s even a “trend” now where certain people fit either or of the two.

But if you’re Switzerland, loving and acceptable to both, there is a way to have your dog and cat live happily with each other! We’ve laid out some tips and tricks to help you get your dog and cat acquainted with each other and become best friends forever.

Opposites attract

dog and cat cuddling

Before you blend these two different companions, you should note their differences in order to judge how you’re going to blend them. 

Of course, animals don’t always fit into their stereotypes of being “lazy,” “adventurous,” or “energetic,” but sometimes they do. Typically, dogs are more playful and energetic while cats are independent and curious. 

Polar opposites, right? However, this isn’t the case for every cat or dog, it all depends on their personality! You may pick a cat that acts like the typical dog and vice versa, or you may end up with two “chill” animals. It all depends. 

But if you already have a dog or a cat and they fit these stereotypes, understanding these will help you gauge how your pets will best coexist happily. 

If your dog or cat exhibits aggressive behavior, as in, they are too possessive to interact with any new addition, you may not be able to add a companion to your fur-bunch. Safety is a top concern of all animals, including yourself. 

Blending the companions

If you are introducing a cat to a dog or vice versa, there are several tips to help you best accomplish this. 

The first is to start slow in the introduction process. You don’t want to overwhelm or scar your pet, because they are going to be scared when meeting someone new for the first time. 

So if you already have a dog or a cat, the best way to do this slowly is by bringing the addition into a room your current pet is in for a few minutes. Slowly build their interaction with one another and increase the amount of time you have them in the same room as each other. 

Have their toys in the room with them for them to play with, and keep an eye on how they interact with one another. If there is aggression or hostility, then separate them immediately. While this may be expected at first, it is not how it should always be. If your pets spend more time with each other, they may come to civil grounds. 

One of the second tips to keep in mind when blending cats and dogs is to consider which type, or breeds, you are combining. 

Some dogs are especially more welcoming than others. For example, dogs with hunting senses or dogs like German Shepherds and Boxers may not be the best to blend because they are more known for their aggression and protective senses. 

But dogs such as Golden Retrievers and some Labs that have kind spirits will take to cats better. 

Training is also a big portion of successful blending for dogs and cats to coexist happily, so think of this as a training process. You are training your animals to get along, kind of like children. 

In order for their behavior to be civil, they need to learn how to be civil. When it comes to dogs, we all know how they can be out of hand and uncontrollable without proper training. Their excitement can surely get the best of them, so before you introduce them to a stand-offish cat, your dog should be trained in concealing their excitement so they do not scare the cat. 

Train them how to be calm when they are going out of the house or see certain objects move. If your dog comes to learn these commands, then they should take kindly to your cat. 

Cats, on the other hand, need their space. They are very territorial and independent creatures, so in order for them to feel safe, they need to know they have a place to go. 

Establish an area that is strictly your cat’s so they know what is theirs for their comfort and safety. 

The final result

A perfect blend of opposites is definitely achievable if you present the opportunity correctly. It’s important that you keep in mind the tricks we have laid out for you for your fur-children to live happily, and to not expect quick results. 

Blending together two distinctly different animals like cats and dogs requires patience for them to develop the lifelong bond of being siblings under the same roof.

Is Your Dog Too Spoiled? Here’s How to Check

Is Your Dog Too Spoiled? Here’s How to Check

We live in a society where it’s now normal to consider your dog as a part of your family... As you should! Dogs are loveable additions to our household that can make living more enjoyable and fun. But if we aren’t careful, our love may end up spoiling our dogs. While there’s nothing wrong with spoiling your loving fur-baby every now and then, constant spoiling can result in dramatic behavior. Are you unsure if your dog is spoiled? Thinking they might be? Here’s how to check!

How we spoil our dogs

It’s so hard to not want to spoil our dogs after they show us the kind of unconditional love and loyalty we wish humans showed. There is a difference between materialistic spoiling versus badly trained spoiling. We can also cross the line between loving and spoiling our pets

For instance, you can buy your dog toys and treats regularly, but allow them to jump and lick on your guests without proper correction. If you’re failing to properly correct your dog then don’t expect them to listen to your commands.  

Others we can spoil our dogs comes by us breaking some policies we have tried to set such as 

  • No sleeping or sitting on the couch
  • Not eating certain food/eating from the table
  • Using the bathroom indoors 

The longer you allow your dog to be spoiled in these areas, the harder it will be to break them out of it. 

If you are spoiling your dog in others ways like materistically or lovingly, then here are some signs to watch

  • Taking them to a spa (believe us, it happens!)
  • Overweight (feeding them too much)
  • They take up your bed
  • They have their own wardrobe
  • They become protective over you 

While giving your dogs items and extra love isn’t necessarily bad, it can create a sense of separation anxiety for when you are not around. 

Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety become attached to you, their owner, and freak out when you are not around. When your dog becomes reliant on you and develops anxiety when you are not around, they may become destructive and destroy some things in the house… so the more you spoil your dog, the more likely this will become.

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