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Why Your Private Kitty Could Benefit from an Enclosed Cat Bed

Why Your Private Kitty Could Benefit from an Enclosed Cat Bed

It’s no secret that cats love to hide. They’ll find anything to cozy up in for a good nap from your latest Amazon delivery box to your laundry basket. Why not give them a designated space to seek comfort in like a comfy enclosed cat bed?

When cats aren’t hunting, using their scratcher, or climbing a cat tree, they are usually hiding out in an enclosed space. Here are a few different types of trending enclosed cat beds to consider that will go with anyone’s home decor.

Cat Cave Bed

cat in cave bed

An optimal hideout for your modern cat provides warmth, security, and comfort. Igloo-like, cave shape pet beds provide 360-degree coverage for your feline friend!

With a special hiding space/shelter all its own, your cat can enjoy privacy and a little alone time in this cozy cave pet house. Feeling warm and protected, snuggling in a cat cave bed can help reduce stress, boosting health and well-being.

Best Friends by Sheri pet cave beds come with a removable pad insert for easy cleaning and are machine washable.

Cuddler & Bolster Beds

Cuddler dog beds and cat beds like our Deep Dish pet bed feature high walls for an increased sense of security and extra orthopedic comfort with head and neck support. These cozy cat beds are made with luxurious faux fur sherpa material cats and small dogs love.

Partially Covered Cat Beds

For the cat who wants the best of both worlds, try a Cozy Cuddler. It’s one of the best cat beds because of its versatility.

Featuring an attached pet blanket, our covered cat bed is a must-have for animals that hide or burrow! Along with our amazingly soft faux fur interior, the hood provides breathable warmth. When they just want a comfy surface to rest on, going under the blanket is optional.

Donut Pet Beds

The donut-style pet bed is a classic cozy place for a snuggle. The super-soft vegan shag self-warming fabric is reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat, proving the ultimate comfort for your furbaby. Love by kittens, small cats, large cats, and adult cats alike, there’s a size for everyone.

Enclosed Cat Beds for Your Pet Cat

Furnish your cat condo with a new cat house/hut/enclosed bed! It’s one of the best pet supplies you can get for your purring princess to love.


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