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How to Tidy Your Home with a Pet Supply Organizer

There are so many different things you need to keep your pet happy and healthy. From pet toys to kibble to pet grooming supplies and feeding accessories, you have a lot of stuff, but lack a good system for storing them with your home decor.

However, this doesn’t mean that your pet supplies have to remain a mess. All you need is a storage solution that’ll work for you and keep your home tidy.

Here are some ideas for pet organization so that you can start getting your house in order today.

Invest in Cat and Dog Food Storage Solutions

pet supply organizer

While keeping a bag of cat or dog food near your pet’s bowls may be convenient, it isn’t the most organized method for storing their food. The bag could tip over and the pet food could spill out all over the floor. Also, you’re more susceptible to insects and rodents coming into your home because they detect the food.

If you’re more of a DIY pet owner, you could take a metal trashcan and stencil your pet’s name on it, and then store their food in there. Another idea is to buy a large popcorn tin and decorate it, or get plastic storage drawers and place the food there. 

If you have a cat and a dog or more than one pet, then being able to separate their food is going to make your life much more organized.

If you don’t like to DIY for your doggy or kitty, then you could purchase a pet food storage container at any department store or on Amazon. Look for one that is airtight and comes with a scooper to make accessing the pet food a breeze. 

Organize Treats

dog eating treat

You love to give your pet cat or dog treats, but you don’t have a solid system for organizing them. One DIY solution is to make pet treat jars. You could glue a pet figurine on top of each jar to show which treats are for which pet. 

If you have a leftover cookie tin, then you could paint over the design and use it to store your cat or dog treats as well. A glass container is another solution for storing treats. You could also head to your local pet store and buy a plastic storage bin to put all your pet’s treats in.

Find a Hidden Spot for the Dog Bed

Your dog loves to snuggle up in his bed, but you find that it gets in the way and makes your home look more disorganized. Instead of leaving it out in the open, you can find a place to store your dog’s bed, which will give him more privacy. Tuck it into a small nook or under a desk or shelves so that it’s out of the way and provides your dog a quiet place to relax.

Keep in mind that you’ll also need a dog bed your pet actually likes. Try Best Friends by Sheri’s Cozy Cuddler Ilan Pet Bed, which is for dogs and cats and comes with an attached cozy blanket. Your pet will love burrowing into the soft faux fur interior. Plus, it has a bottom that resists water and dirt, which will protect against accidental messes, mud, and slobber.

Another pet bed option is the Unicorn Novelty Pet Hut, which is made with ultra-soft micro plush fabric and provides the ultimate privacy for your pet. The cushion is removable, so clean up is easy, and the entire bed is safe to machine wash and dry when you need to do a deep cleaning.

Create a Pet Supply Organizer for Grooming Supplies

Pet grooming requires a lot of different supplies. To keep them all organized, create a grooming caddy. All you need to do is take a shower caddy and then put in everything you need for a cat or dog grooming including shampoo, combs, toothbrushes, and nail clippers. You can also easily pick up your grooming caddy and take it with you from one room to another or when you travel with your pet.

Get Your Pet Toys in Order

Your dog or cat loves their toys. However, you’re always finding pet toys all around your house, and you want to have a good place to store them all. You could pick up a bucket from a local hardware store or crafts store and then paint your pet’s name on it, or invest in a wicker basket for storage. 

Additionally, when you go to the pet store, you may be able to find a bone-shaped dog toy box or a cat-themed toy box for placing items in. The store might also carry nylon or felt pet toy storage baskets.

Store Your Walking Supplies

When you go to walk your pup, you need your dog leash and waste bags all in one place. For a DIY dog walking station in your entryway, laundry room, or mudroom, hang a dog leash holder on your wall, and then simply get an attachable waste bag holder to store your poop bags on your leash. With a bag holder, you will have easy access to waste bags and your hands will be freer when you’re going for a walk.

Get a Tote or Travel Bag

When you travel with your dog or cat, or you’re simply taking them to the vet, you need a place to store and carry your pet supplies like a food and water bowl, dog leash, treats, toys, and more. Purchase a tote or travel bag that contains separate compartments for organizing all of those supplies. You can also separate items using Ziploc bags or household storage containers to ensure that you know where your supplies are at all times.

Getting Organized With Cat and Dog Supplies 

You love your fur babies and want the best for them, but you also want a clean and organized home. With pet supply storage solutions, you can guarantee that your pet will have everything they need to thrive while ensuring that your home looks lovely at the same time.


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