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How to Clean a Dog Bed

How to Clean a Dog Bed

Here at Best Friends by Shari, we love our pets. And we also love bringing you the best products for your precious furbabies. To that end, we’d like to talk hygiene. Specifically, how to clean a dog bed. 

Our core product has always been the Cuddler Dog Bed, which is available in several sizes to fit your furry friend. However, there are several varieties available. Some of our dog beds can be thrown in the washing machine in their entirety, while others come with a removable cover. 

Vacuuming, hand washing with soapy water, or just using a lint roller can only accomplish so much. Whatever type your dog's bed is, we've got easy washing instructions to follow. Grab your pet-friendly cleaning products and let's get started!

Washing our original donut dog beds

Our original product is the classic calming dog bed. As our original bed, it’s still one of the most popular choices on our website. But what makes it special? The high-quality materials that make it durable and washable. 

We start with a high-quality fiberfill that’s made from new polyester. This fill is designed to help your pet's bed stay fluffy longer, thereby supporting your pet’s weight better than the competition.

Another feature of our donut beds is the design. There are a lot of pet beds in the donut shape, but ours are designed to support your pet’s head and neck. This is done without forgetting to stuff the center, with the result that our donut beds are piled fairly high. Our donut dog beds are a great place for your pup to curl up when you aren’t available to cuddle.

Washing your dog bed is easy. Simply put the entire bed in the washing machine with cold water (never hot water) on the gentle rinse cycle setting (using pet-safe laundry detergent without harsh chemicals). Tumble dry low heat. 

To spot clean or hand wash, you can make a homemade baking soda stain remover or white vinegar solution with warm water and liquid soap. Air dry. Viola! Clean dog bed.

How to clean a dog bed: Shag fur vs. luxe fur

how to clean a dog bed

All sizes of our calming donut pet bedding come in two outer fabric choices: shag fur, and luxe fur. Our original fabric for your dog's bedding is shag fur. This is a super-comforting high-pile fabric similar to a soft shag bathmat. Feels nice, right? Imagine how it feels on your dog's skin! 

The idea behind our signature shag fabric is to make a comforting bed for your pooch to sink down into. It’s also designed to feel as soothing as cuddling with another dog, just like they do when with mom or littermates. If you’ve seen more than one dog or cat cuddling together, you get the same effect.

Luxe fur is our more recent addition. This fabric is smoother and would remind you more of the velour you love in sportswear. That’s because the pile is smoother and a bit shallower than the shag fur. There’s also a nice grain design worked into the pile, giving the bed an overall more polished look. However, it’s just as comforting as our shag fur tops. 

The dog won’t “sink” down into this quite as much. It might be harder for Fido to get “lost” and submerge in his luxe fur bed. The luxe fur dog bed doesn’t have as much of an ability to mat as its longer-piled counterpart.

Washable dog bed covers

We mentioned above that the insides of our dog beds are completely machine washable and dryable. But faux fur is famously difficult to wash. Our designers and fabric makers have solved this problem for you so that care is easy. 

Whether your dog has come inside covered with mud (or even feces) or simply become a stinky puppy, you don’t have to worry about the bed being ruined. Simply zip the cover open and remove it. To minimize pet odor, dander, loose dirt, and excess pet hair, our shell covers are safe to machine wash and dry! Simply follow care instructions on the label -- machine wash, gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low heat.

Does the inside need a refresh? You can pop that into the washer, too. If you have a larger bed, you might need to use a commercial washing machine at a laundromat. But that’s no different than for a queen size comforter.

Dog Bed & Blanket Bundles

how to clean a dog bed

While some dogs do fine with just the donut bed, there’s another option to consider: a bundle bed. This is a combination of one of our Calming Donut Beds and a matching blanket. The size of the included blanket depends on the size of the bed you choose.

Why pick a bundle bed? There are a few reasons to do this. One is that your dog might like to burrow into his bed. Add the blanket to his cuddler, and he’ll be a much happier puppy. No complaints about nap time. Better yet, if your buddy suffers from anxiety, being surrounded by the fur on all sides is a great idea. He can be tucked in before you leave the house.

Another reason to get a bundle bed is if you’d like to have a blanket on the sofa. Some of us love to have our furbaby sitting next to us but hate cleaning the dog hair off the upholstery. With a washable blanket, your cuddle buddy can have the best seat in the house and he won’t consider sitting on a different piece of furniture. Similarly, the blanket can be used to “train” him to sit on a designated chair. Good boy!

Finally, think of getting a bundle bed if your dog needs some cuddles while traveling. When heading to the dreaded V-E-T, put the blanket on your car seat before strapping your puppy in. Or for smaller dogs and cats, wrap him in the blanket and walk with him to the car. Either way, you won’t get as many complaints.

How to clean your dog blanket

For easy cleaning and maintenance, our shag blanket is machine washable and dryer safe. Machine wash cold and tumble dry low. To avoid matting of the fur, it is important that the blanket is thoroughly dried in the dryer after washing – do NOT air dry.

Bundle beds come in all sizes and both fabrics

Keep in mind, we have a good assortment of bundle beds. Each bundle includes the size of donut bed that you choose, along with a blanket of the corresponding size. In other words, a large bed gets a big blanket, and a smaller bed a small one. The idea is for them to be used together. You can find the shag fur bundle beds on this page. Likewise, luxe fur beds are available here. Several colors are available for each.

Do note, you’ll get the same fur type and color for both pieces of the bundle. If you want to mix it up, you’ll need to buy each item separately. But this will also cost you slightly more. When the cover wears out on the donut bed, you can get a new one. Or use the spare to put on the bed while washing the other cover. Blankets should simply be replaced.


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