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Introducing Nina Ottosson Dog Games

Introducing Nina Ottosson Dog Games

You might have noticed that we’ve got some new products up on our website. It just so happens that we have joined the Outward Hound family of brands! Nina Ottosson dog games and more will be available on our website as we move forward with providing families and their pets enrichment, comfort, and happiness. 

About Nina Ottosson

nina ottosson and dog

Nina Ottosson is, according to many dog psychologists and trainers around the world, one of the best at the development and design of educational activity puzzle games for dogs and other animals. She pioneered this category of pet products more than 25 years ago. 

The products are carefully developed by Nina together with dogs, using only the best materials for optimal function and safety for the dogs as well as the environment.

She is one of the 2017 Pet Age ICON award recipients for her contributions and long-term commitment to the pet industry. In 2015, she won the Pet Age Women of Influence Award and was also named one of “45 people who changed the dog world” by Dog Fancy Magazine. 

New to Dog Games? 

hide n slide dog game

Did you know that just 15 minutes of puzzle play equals 30 minutes of exercise? 

Dogs love to explore and problem solve in their own way. Some use their paws and some use their nose. Each puzzle is designed with your dog’s natural behaviors, senses, and safety in mind.

We didn’t forget about kitty cats, either! Nina Ottosson cat games were developed to help under-stimulated house cats get the mental enrichment they crave. Cat puzzles are a great outlet for their natural hunting instincts and help fight boredom (not to mention redirect your pet’s energy to keep your furniture and belongings in one piece).

Level Up

dog puzzle levels

Increase the challenge as your dog learns. Nina Ottosson dog puzzles come in levels 1-4. Start at level one for beginners and work your way up. Level 4 is for experts. Cat puzzles come in levels 1-2.

Best Friends by Sheri x Outward Hound 

With your pet’s safety and well-being in mind, we are excited to offer families more ways to play, relax, and be happy.


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