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Celebrating Your Dog’s Birthday in Style

Celebrating Your Dog’s Birthday in Style

Your dog is your best friend. You wouldn’t let a human friend go without a birthday party. Why would you deny your furry friend the same honor? There are things you can do to make your dog’s birthday something extra special. Sure, you make your dog feel special every day, but on its birthday, you should go over the top!

You don’t have to know your dog’s exact birthday, which may be the case with some rescues. You can use the adoption date or the day they came home with you as their birthday. Something that signifies another year of life together.

What can you do to pamper and spoil your pup on their birthday? Maybe a new cuddler dog bed is in order?

How To Celebrate a Canine Birthday

There isn’t necessarily a rule book that says you need to spend your dog’s birthday any certain way. You want to use your dog’s personality to figure out what type of plans you should make and go from there. If your dog isn’t as social as some, you may want to consider something for just the two of you. Whereas, if you have a social butterfly on your hands – throwing a birthday bash might be just what they need. No matter what you do, your goal is to make your dog feel special, just like you want on your special day.

Spending Time Together

You can help to make your dog’s day feel special by spending time alone together. Sometimes all your dog wants is to have all of your attention, all to itself. If there was ever a day for you to devote your undivided attention, a birthday seems like a good enough reason.

Think about what you like to do on your birthday, don’t you like for the day to be all about you?

Even if you have a big party planned, there isn’t anything that says you can’t do something together before the guests arrive!

Pamper and Spoil The Birthday Dog

Some dogs like to be groomed and look their very best. If this applies to your dog, set up an appointment at their favorite groomer. Depending on the breed, you may be looking at a shampoo, condition, and blow out for all their fur – only the best for your furry baby on their birthday.

Shopping Trip

Sure, you have taken your dog to the pet store before. That is the best part about going to the pet store – bringing your fur friend with you! Make this shopping trip extra special. Whatever toy they seem to want, let them pick it out as their special gift. Maybe they need a new pet bed? In that case, let them find the one they like the most to bring home. 

Spend More Time Active

Depending on the time of year, you may be able to spend some extra time with your dog outside. Dogs love to play outside and get exercise, so why not spend the afternoon going on an extra long hike or walking by the beach? If you hit the beach or pool, don't forget a dog life jacket!

If your dog’s birthday makes it hard to enjoy time outside, find a way to create more activity indoors. You can find a dog-friendly indoor pool or even an indoor recreational area that caters specifically to four-legged friends.

Either way, find a way to give your dog a little more activity time today (they are going to need it for the party!).

You (and Your Human) Are Invited!

Even if your dog doesn’t like to be around a lot of other dogs, the chances are high that there are at least a few furry friends they like to be around. You can throw a birthday bash for your dog and invite those friends. As a bonus for you, you can invite their humans too!

If the weather is nice, you can have the party at your local dog park. This place is probably where most of your dog’s friends have come from, so being in a comfortable place like this can make the party run a lot smoother. In colder weather, you can always have a nice indoor party at your home. Either way, ask for RSVPs and let guests know that presents are welcome!

The Theme

Every party needs a theme. For your dog, choose something they like. Is your dog a hunting dog? Choose a duck hunt theme. Is your dog a pretty princess? Pink sparkles are the name of the game. You don’t have to have a boring themeless party because it is for your dog.

The Cake(s)

You read that right. More than one cake is more than appropriate. You don’t want to give your dog a human cake, and you don’t want to eat a dog cake. Throw in the random feline, and you need another type of cake for them too! Your other dog/cat owner friends will definitely appreciate it if you have something they can eat as well.

For your animal-friendly cakes, you can use wet and dry food to create a masterpiece, purchase a special mix to make it, or order from a trusted bakery specializing in these types of treats. If you want to make it memorable, incorporate the theme into the cake and décor!

Unwrapping Presents

Some dogs love the sound of crinkle paper as much as their feline counterparts. Letting your dog unwrap their presents is a whole new adventure for them. If you get them that special pet bed they have been pining over for a while, they can always unwrap it and take a nap during the party if there is too much excitement. It is also good etiquette to have your pup send out thank you notes for their gifts. You can fill them out and then let decorate it with a paw print!

Celebrating Life Together

As much as this party may seem like it is for you more than them, it is really about celebrating their presence in your life. Whether your dog comes from a breeder, pet shop, or came from a rescue, you want to celebrate what they have done for you and in your life. You may not know it, but you make just as much of a difference in their life. Shouldn’t you both want to celebrate that at least once a year?


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