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Calming Dog Beds for Better Health

Every dog should have a comfortable place to lie on, just like us. If your dog needs a calming dog bed to lie down and relax its muscles and joints, then you've come to the right place.

Calming pet beds are made with your dog's health in mind. Dogs love to burrow. Our donut-style dog bed works to provide a sense of orthopedic comfort to your dog by helping them relax and nestle in the material for a good night's sleep or rest. Our calming pet beds and cozy cuddler beds are made out of pet-friendly material and are machine washable. Plus, they come in chic neutral colors that pair perfectly with any home decor.

woman next to dog on a dog bed

How Do Calming Dog Beds Work?

Dog psychologists have noted that dogs associate sense with feelings, much the same as humans. It's no wonder we're so close to them as a species! That scent of fur and the warm, comfy feeling of being amongst their littermates after they're born is a feeling they associate with security. 

Using this principle, calming dog beds can simulate that relaxing feeling and ease anxiety. The raised rim of our donut dog beds envelops them in comforting faux fur they can snuggle up to. A calming dog bed is your pet's safe space.

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