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Pet Blankets & Washable Dog Bed Covers

Pet Blankets

Spoil your dog or cat with an ultra-soft throw blanket just for them. Our faux fur pet blankets are designed to reminisce a mother's fur coat, aiding your pets in superior comfort and security. The lightweight all-over shag provides just the right amount of warmth.

Pet throw blankets are versatile. They can be used as a dog blanket for the couch or bed, a comfortable seat cover for the car, a cover for the pet crate, or as a designated cat kneading blanket for all those biscuits your kitty makes.

Replacement Dog Bed Covers

If you already have one of our nap mats or calming dog beds with removable covers, you can change up the look with an extra replacement shell. Your taupe-colored dog bed can instantly turn into a pink dog bed!  Whether you need a clean cover in between washes or simply want to change the style, there are multiple colors to choose from. All of our dog bed covers are machine washable.