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Why Dogs Are (Still) A Man's (Or Woman's) Best Friend

Why Dogs Are (Still) A Man's (Or Woman's) Best Friend

The adage of a dog being man's (or woman's) best friend is correct. If you've ever spent any time with a puppy, or even a grown dog, you know the kind of joy being in their presence brings. You feel relaxed, and their unconditional love makes it easier to enjoy life. Many people think that this is a subjective feeling. Of course, they love their dogs and feel life's better with them. However, objectively speaking, dogs can bring a whole plethora of benefits to owners. The CDC mentions a handful of advantages having a dog can bring to a pet owner. Here, we'll explore the benefits that a dog can offer you to show why they're still man's (and woman's) best friend.


Dogs are selfless animals, and their companionship is something that every dog owner is grateful for. The Human-Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) found in a study that 85% of respondents believed that dogs made them feel less alone. Spending time with a dog makes you feel accepted and loved. This companionship isn't something that any other bond can imitate. It's no wonder that so many fur baby parents show for accessories at Best Friends by Shari.


These are some pretty harrowing months to go through, and many people's stress levels are through the roof. However, it's notable that having a dog can reduce your stress significantly. The American Educational Research Association (AEAR) noted in a study published by Washington State University that ten minutes spent petting a dog could dramatically reduce your stress levels. For dogs, too, having a human around can help them to relax. The presence of a human together with a calming dog bed can help a pup feel more relaxed, helping their human to unwind as well.

Dogs Make You More Attractive

If you're a regular in the dating scene, you must realize how much of a draw carrying a baby is when looking to meet women. Did you know that your dog could have a similar impact on your attractiveness rating? Several studies have found that men were more likely to obtain a woman's number if they engaged in conversation while having a dog with them. Similarly, in a study that checked compatibility online, eligible men chose more women with dogs in their profile pictures than those without. Even in a relationship, dogs are usually more attractive than your significant other. Another study found that more than half of dog owners took more photos of their pet than their significant other.

Social Drivers

Most dog owners would realize by now that dogs help to make us more social. When walking in a dog park, it's not uncommon to run into someone you've never met before because your dogs are drawn to one another. Research backs this up, showing that two in five dog owners had a much easier time making social connections with their dogs than without them. Additionally, they strengthen out interpersonal bonds as well. Most people who own a dog feel inherently closer to other humans and their communities. As far as a social lubricant goes, we at Best Friends by Shari prefer dogs to alcohol any day.

They Help Us Remain Fit

Have you ever had to chase a dog through the mud or walk with them down a street? You'd probably realize immediately that no dog owner could become unfit while taking care of their fur baby. Dogs require us to take care of them by walking and playing. Even smaller dogs can sometimes seem to have unending reservoirs of energy, leaving us pet owners who are a bit on the unhealthy side struggling to keep up. Luckily, thanks to our interaction with those pets, they increase our fitness through walks and playing with them. Before long, our circulation improves, and we get that cardio workout we so desperately need with unique companionship to go with it.

Better Mood

Spending time with a dog immediately improves your mood. It's not an incremental change either. Just staying with a pup for a short amount of time will boost your mood massively. A study done in Japan in 2009 notes that there's a spike of oxytocin in your brain when you stare into your dog's eyes. This chemical is known as the "love chemical" since it's responsible for those feelings of care and affection you get. A dog's face can trigger those feelings and immediately lift your mood into the stratosphere. Dogs are some of nature's best mood boosters, and dog owners benefit from their presence more than they realize.

Coping with Crisis

Many of us have had deep misgivings about society's ability to withstand the current global crisis. Worrying about these things are unhelpful and send up your stress levels. Luckily, dog owners have a perfect way to cope with this or any other crisis. Dogs are scientifically proven to help human beings manage their stress levels effectively. Studies conducted on military vets with PTSD noted that the patients' conditions improved significantly once they interacted with dogs. They also had better coping skills for dealing with society. If there's one thing we can be glad for, it's that dogs have our back in this time of uncertainty.

Dogs Make Us Think Clearly

When you start getting older, you might realize that your brain isn't as sharp as it once was. Owning a dog might help improve your cognitive abilities. Studies have shown that owning a dog improved the cognitive skills of seniors over the long term. In seniors with dementia, having a furry companion decreased agitated behavior and increased their social interaction levels. Having to deal with a dog helps us to develop and keep a schedule. By their presence in our lives, they help us find order in the chaos to have a clear path forward.

The Truest Friend You'll Have

Dogs are as close as we can get to physical angels. They love us unconditionally, and they help us deal with the problems that society keeps throwing at us. Scientifically, it's been proven that they can improve our mood and keep us fit and healthy. They even make us more attractive and give us an edge when searching for the perfect partner. With such a massive repertoire of support skills, it's no wonder why dogs remain a human's best friend.


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