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What's Trending for Pets in 2021?

What's Trending for Pets in 2021?

The new year always brings with it many changes. From new year resolutions to promises to stop drinking and smoking, we humans have a lot on our plate as the year gets started, but what about our pets? We rarely pay attention to the new things that come out on the market for pets until we need something. Yet, it may be in our best interest to pay attention to the trends that are going on in the pet product industry. Who knows, we may find something that might make our lives a lot better as pet parents?

With so many of us concerned about our pets, manufacturers are trying their best to capitalize on our worry. The turn of 2021 has seen many pet product companies offer us products that they think we need. Yet, do we need what they're offering? Are their options so much better than what we already have? The only way to find out is to examine the top trends for 2021 as they present themselves. This article seeks to do just that, giving you an objective assessment of what you should and shouldn't pay attention to.

Top-Notch Premium Pet Food

We've probably seen more than our fair share of pet food that claims to be premium. It seems that, with every new iteration in pet diets, a company releases a new pet food line that tells us it's better for our pets than what we already use. However, the bright side is that several pet food manufacturers offer us options instead of the processed stuff they sell. Among the newest trends in premium pet food include:

  • Raw food: typically including things like veggies, fish, raw meat, and bones.
  • Ancient grains: These are made using grains that occurred throughout history, such as amaranth, millet, teff, and buckwheat, to name a few.
  • Limited-ingredient diets: These deal primarily with health concerns, including diet sensitivity and allergies.
  • Made in the USA: These food products are made from locally sourced ingredients, and everything is manufactured within the country, including the packaging.

Premium pet food might be a benefit for your pet, but it doesn't always work out. Pets also have a particular taste, and if they get used to one brand, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to get them to try a new one. In these cases, sticking to your usual pet food might be the best solution. Trying new things is fun for humans, but your pet may not share that same adventurous attitude.

All-Natural Pet Products

These days, calling something all-natural usually gets a lot of people on-board. Many products come out with an all-natural label on them, telling us that they offer better quality than the processed stuff we typically use. But do they? There's a scientific consensus that says "all-natural" doesn't necessarily mean safe. As a pet parent, this is a concern you should be wary about. All-natural products might be helpful for the environment, especially if they carry biodegradable products. However, this doesn't necessarily make them a healthier alternative for your pet. Most of today's pet parents could just as quickly get a well-made washable pet bed for a lower price.

Pet-Friendly Cleaning Products

One of the most common problems that pet parents have is cleaning up after their pet inside the home. Many of the current products on store shelves don't take into account the sensitivities of fur babies. As a result, we sometimes have to lock areas of the house away from our pets to keep them safe. Even so, there's always the looming fear that something we use to clean the house will impact our little furry friend negatively.

Luckily, many brands have taken this worry into account. We've seen many pet-friendly cleaning products set to hit the shelves in 2021, helping pet owners have peace of mind. Cleanliness in a pet home is vital. A dirty interior can lead to problems with your health as well as your pet's. Pet-friendly cleaning products may be exactly what we need to ensure that our homes and our fur babies are safe and clean.

Natural Pet Toys

Once again, the term natural shows up, and it should set off some alarm bells as you see it. The most vital element of natural pet toys is whether they're eco-friendly. They also come from naturally-sourced, non-petroleum-based materials. The downside of these natural pet toys is that they don't have the durability of artificially made toys. For pets that don't have a destructive streak in them, these toys may work well. They're also a good option for pet owners who have fur babies that display different levels of allergies. The naturally sourced materials reduce the incidence of these problems in pets that are hyper-sensitive to artificial components.

Virtual Pet Services

The COVID-19 pandemic isn't over yet, and in some parts of the world, it's been getting worse. Virtual pet services have shown up as a means to an end for many professionals such as veterinarians and dog trainers. With a little help from pet parents, these professionals can use virtual meeting settings to deal with pets of all types. Adapting in this way allows experts to keep practicing, offering services that would otherwise require meeting in person. Pet owners may need to withstand more of the uncertainty and lockdowns from this global virus, and virtual pet services may become a way to help our fur babies while it winds down.

Novelty Wears Off Quickly

Pet owners would do well to remember that spending money on novelty items might just be a waste of cash. Buying something just because it's new isn't the way to go about getting new things for your pet. Functionality should be an essential consideration. Sure, it's nice to remember to be environmentally friendly in our purchases. However, buying something just because it's all-natural might not end the way you expect it to. Think about your pet when you shop and put their needs first. You'd be far more likely to make smart purchases that follow the trends.


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