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The Importance of a Comfy Calming Dog Bed: 5 Things to Avoid

The Importance of a Comfy Calming Dog Bed: 5 Things to Avoid

Your dog is your best friend and most certainly deserves a comfy calming dog bed to rest in! When choosing your dog bed or anti-anxiety dog bed, you want to create a sanctuary that mimics the experience of mom’s fur, allows for burrowing and head resting, and supports your pup’s overall health. 

Dogs need a safe haven that gives them a sense of security. A place they can depend on seeking comfort in that is gentle on joint pain and provides muscle pain relief. Here's what to look out for when shopping for pet products and dog beds.

5 things to avoid when choosing a comfy calming dog bed

comfy calming dog bed

Dog parents want the best for their pup, and what they sleep on should be no different. Below are five things to look out for when choosing a calming pet bed for small dogs, medium dogs, large dogs, and everything in between! 

1. Watch out for poor-quality materials

If you purchase a cuddler dog bed with poor quality materials, you will know in a day or two when your dog bed is torn apart, and foam pieces and fabric shreds are scattered across your living room! 

Avoid this fate by investing in high-quality materials, which you can actually do for a very reasonable price.

Our Calming Donut Dog Bed Cuddler, for example, has a tough nylon material at the base that prevents tearing and is dirt and water-resistant. The luxurious vegan faux fur is durable and also makes for a very comfy dog bed experience — which is, after all, what matters most.

calming dog bed

2. Steer clear of toxic recycle fillers and chemical smells

If your dog bed arrives with a strange smell, it can mean it was made with strange chemicals and unknown recycled fillings. And even if it smells just fine, you still definitely want to do your research. 

Unfortunately, the majority of pet beds on the market use recycle fiber fillings. It's cheaper for the manufacturer but not necessarily cheaper for the consumer. Worst of all, nobody knows what these recycle fibers are made from!

Poorly-constructed dog beds can be toxic for both you and your fur baby. Cheap fiber fillings can include ingredients such as lead, arsenic, bromine, and phthalates — none of which you want your precious furry friend resting on, or worse, ingesting. We use 100% virgin fiber fillings in our comfy dog beds.

Our AirLOFT® soft filling fibers are not only non-toxic — they also help our shag fur pet beds to maintain their shape up to three times longer than low-quality recycled fibers do.

3. Avoid dog beds that are not entirely washable

We know you want to keep your orthopedic dog bed nice and clean for your beloved pup. You always want to make sure that your dog bed is machine washable – and when we say washable, we are referring to the entire dog bed, and not just the removable cover :)

For one, washable covers are often impossible to put back on after just one washer/dryer cycle. More importantly, you’ll want to keep your dog bed clean, inside and out, for the sake of your dog’s health. 

All of our dog beds – even our cat beds and Novelty Pet Huts -- are washer and dryer safe. And yes, that means you can put the entire bed in the washing machine. How easy is that?

4. No digging space? No fun!

Dogs love to burrow — well, everywhere, really -- especially in their beds. That’s why you want to avoid flat (and to your pet, boring!) dog beds that limit opportunities for nesting and nestling.

Best Friends by Sheri calming Donut Cuddlers, for example, feature ultra-soft and deep crevices that your pup can dig and rest in.  Plus, if the digging gets intense, they have a non-slip bottom so the bed stays in place. 

These comfy calming dog beds are self-warming, mimic the texture of mom’s fur, and provide prime burrowing opportunities. 

To get a better sense of this plush and inviting magic, check out this video of the Calming Donut Shag Cuddler.

5. Avoid dog beds with no head rests

If your dog bed has no raised edges for a head rest, you might find your dog nestling in your blankets….while the fur dog bed collects dust in the corner. 

We know that many dog owners (us included) can’t resist a good night time cuddle in the human bed, but it’s also important for your dog to have an independent space for resting that will fully give her neck support. So do yourself a favor and make sure that you get the best dog bed with a raised rim.

Good luck!

We wish you the very best of luck with your dog bed search. We hope that you create the perfect resting space for your pet dog to snuggle up in.


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