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Is Your Dog Too Spoiled? Here’s How to Check

Is Your Dog Too Spoiled? Here’s How to Check

We live in a society where it’s now normal to consider your dog as a part of your family... As you should! Dogs are loveable additions to our household that can make living more enjoyable and fun. But if we aren’t careful, our love may end up spoiling our dogs. While there’s nothing wrong with spoiling your loving fur-baby every now and then, constant spoiling can result in dramatic behavior. Are you unsure if your dog is spoiled? Thinking they might be? Here’s how to check!

How we spoil our dogs

It’s so hard to not want to spoil our dogs after they show us the kind of unconditional love and loyalty we wish humans showed. There is a difference between materialistic spoiling versus badly trained spoiling. We can also cross the line between loving and spoiling our pets

For instance, you can buy your dog toys and treats regularly, but allow them to jump and lick on your guests without proper correction. If you’re failing to properly correct your dog then don’t expect them to listen to your commands.  

Others we can spoil our dogs comes by us breaking some policies we have tried to set such as 

  • No sleeping or sitting on the couch
  • Not eating certain food/eating from the table
  • Using the bathroom indoors 

The longer you allow your dog to be spoiled in these areas, the harder it will be to break them out of it. 

If you are spoiling your dog in others ways like materistically or lovingly, then here are some signs to watch

  • Taking them to a spa (believe us, it happens!)
  • Overweight (feeding them too much)
  • They take up your bed
  • They have their own wardrobe
  • They become protective over you 

While giving your dogs items and extra love isn’t necessarily bad, it can create a sense of separation anxiety for when you are not around. 

Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety become attached to you, their owner, and freak out when you are not around. When your dog becomes reliant on you and develops anxiety when you are not around, they may become destructive and destroy some things in the house… so the more you spoil your dog, the more likely this will become.


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