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Designated Sleeping Areas & Anxiety Dog Beds

Designated Sleeping Areas & Anxiety Dog Beds

We know how tempting it can be to snuggle up with your dog in your own bed every night. This is beautiful bonding time! It’s important to shower your pet with love and affection, especially since you may not get to see him or her very much during the workday. But did you know that having a calming anxiety dog bed and designated sleeping area for your pup can be not only beneficial to your pet’s health, but to yours as well? 

Here are five reasons why you should consider getting a calming dog bed and create some sleep boundaries in your home:

1. Dogs need 12-14 hours of sleep per day.

Your dog, depending on his or her age, needs between 12 and 14 hours of sleep per day (puppies sleep 18-20 hours!). You can support your pet’s needs by creating one or more comfy sleep sanctuaries around the house that uniquely belong to your pet. 

This separation can also train your dog to sleep in a calming pet bed at night, which is ideal.

When dogs sleep with humans, they can be easily woken up in the middle of the night. It’s best for your furry friend to have their own calming dog bed that will allow for uninterrupted sleep -- and optimal health!

2. Sleep boundaries can be good for your health, too. 

anxiety dog bed

While some studies show that sleeping with your dog can be beneficial to you, health-wise, as a pet owner, it’s important to consider that dogs are carriers of parasites and staph infections that, if transmitted, can be harmful to your health (and especially to your child’s health). 

While we know it’s difficult to resist a nightly cuddle -- co-sleeping with your pet is, indeed, a very tough pattern to break -- we encourage you to be mindful of what your dog could be carrying in from the outside. 

Additionally, if you are a light sleeper and your feisty pup hears a distant rustling in the bushes at 3 a.m. ...well, we all know how that goes! It could be best to honor your sleep needs by creating a separate high-quality sleeping area for your beloved best friend.  

In short: take care of yourself first so that you can be the best pet parent possible!

3. Donut dog beds are great for easing separation anxiety.

Does your pup have separation anxiety? If you are searching for an anti-anxiety dog bed (or cat bed!), be sure to invest in top-quality materials that have soothing properties like soft faux fur. Calming donut cuddlers, for example, have a shag fur-like texture that resembles mom’s fur. The donut shape of these beds have a self-warming and soothing effect that is instantly calming. 

Your dog will be able to snuggle and get burrowing in the bed and experience a sense of comfort and ease during sleep time. Memory foam or calming bed for dogs with raised rims and soft filling also helps to ease anxiety.

4. Pet beds are great for arthritis. 

Small dogs, medium dogs, large dogs, and dogs of all sizes can suffer from joint pain. It’s so important for your arthritic pup to have a supportive, orthopedic dog bed for joint and muscle pain relief. We suggest looking into an orthopedic nap mat, which can help to ease discomfort in dogs experiencing arthritis or other joint and bone disorders.  

These mattresses are made of high-density foam and allow for a more even weight distribution that is perfect for elderly pets or pets suffering from joint issues. If you want to add an extra sense of security, you could try a calming fur blanket as well!

5. It will be easier to keep everything clean. 

Even the best-trained dogs can leave, well, surprises in your bed. If you have a calming dog bed with a washable cover that is super easy to care for, you will save yourself time (and money, should you ever need to replace your human mattress due to a pup accident).  

You won’t feel the urge to wash your bedding daily and the need to replace your own blankets so frequently. Look for a durable dog bed that is machine washable or has a removable cover.

The Best Dog Beds are Versatile

calming cat bed

We hope you enjoy the process of creating a special space for your pet to rest with anti-anxiety pet products. Each pet has different sleeping needs based on size, age, and personality, so be sure to do your research. 

It could take you a few beds to figure out which one works best for each pet. You could, for example, find your cat cuddling up in your intended cuddler dog bed for your extra-large breed or vice versa. Set yourself up to win by investing in quality materials and creating the most calming and inviting sleep area(s) possible!

You can find Best Friends by Sheri anxiety dog beds on our website or on Amazon.


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